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About Us

About Us

Hakawaki Staffing Solutions

With over 25 years in the Healthcare Sector Hakawaki Staffing Solutions has been in business since 2019. We service hospitals across the United States! Specializing in connecting our Professional, Qualified and Passionate Respiratory Therapist with top notch healthcare facilities. 

What makes us different? Glad you asked! The owner is an Registered Respiratory Therapist who has traveled extensively and can personally attest to some of the best places with the best practices and have met some of the best Respiratory Therapist across the United States. Hakawaki Staffing Solutions promises to listen with compassion, empathy and understanding. We want to build lasting relationships with our candidates and clients helping us to become the employer of choice and the agency of solutions. We further promise that we will work around the clock to help staff facilities and keep our candidates working with great facilities with the respect of the profession and facilities as our top solution to patient improvement and satisfaction. Come build with a leader! 

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It is Our goal,  to impact the Healthcare Sector, with the top solutions, by  providing our candidates the opportunities to provide experienced and skillful care at some of the top Healthcare Facilities across the Nation! 

Hi I'm


Hiawatha with Hakawaki Staffing Solutions I want to offer you the trip of a lifetime. Work while traveling, after all you make work look good while traveling. I want to place you in the highest paying jobs with the best company’s who care about their staff and enhance the lives of patients while living out your own dreams. This world is so big and has soooo much to offer let’s get you out there so you can get at it! 

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