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Why Do I need CPR?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

You ever been somewhere with family or friends and all of a sudden someone starts choking? Omg what do you do? How do you help? Or had a bad dream someone was drowning? Well, CPR covers all of that! Yes! You learn how to safely help others who may need your help! I am American Heart Association instructed and trained to teach the smallest youngest person to the very old person how to perform basic CPR/ BLS which is basic life support. I also am instructed to teach ACLS to the healthcare provider Advanced Cardiac Life Support which includes the use of cardiac medicines to restart the heart if needed. PALS is pediatric advanced life support and is used to care for newborn to age 17. So please learn CPR today! You could be the reason someone lives to breath another day. We offer classes both online and in person. Contact me today or visit website to pick out a day and time and I will accommodate your choices.

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