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The Night Shift RT

Shout out to my nightshirt RT, I worked the night shift for many years and I loved it. The rustle and bustle of Day Drs., Nurses, family, dietary, OT, PT, and the such throughout the day is more than a notion. Then there’s nightshift Whoop, whoop, quiet, oops did I just say quiet? I meant, all was calm, definitely not as hectic as Day shift, but could be at any second of the night! From gunshot wounds, to overdoses, car accidents, suicides, emergency c~sectiones, end of life extubations or heart failure nightshift keeps them alive til 5, ( we hope ) anxiously waiting for the sun to rise up and bring in the well rested dayshifters, who have slept all night long, while most nightshifters are red eyed, yawning and stretching trying to give report without offending with morning coffee breath, as we have to stay awake to make that mornin drive home! Many a night sometimes dragged,so some of the bustle was welcomed! Sometimes making the night super long and nightshifters beggin for the daylight. As a nightshifter we are often misunderstood maybe even called lazy by the shift before, often times we have to give treatments to sleep patients who are not even wheezing but the nurse calls RT for that 2 am nebulizer treatment, RT gets in the room and patient says “ I want a pain pill” thats hilarious. Whatever shift you work make it great and do your best rest assured, we are a needed entity, that is why we are called to all traumas, code blues, deliveries, c-sections and are trained to work all over the hospital from the preemie to the old old, Respiratory to the rescue! That’s why our capes are invisible, when we hear “ Where is Respiratory, we leap in, in a single bound and there are often a number of us waiting to assist our fellow healthcare workers. So I wrote this Blog just to tip my hats off to the entire Respiratory Community #mypeeps, especially night shift, just to let you know, I realize we don’t always get our due diligence in society, but God sees you, and so do Our patients, they and I appreciate All we do! And I am proud to be apart of one of thee Elite! Huge standing Ovation! Fist pump an RT today! We could use the encouragement as well! #RTstrong!

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