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Using Social Media as a business platform!

There are over 3.5 billion people in the world! Most likely 3.4 billion of them are on social media. This gives small businesses the opportunity to advertise their business, goods, services, entertainment, etc. The exposure is good, if one person sees what your doing, they may have some advice for you, help, contacts, and good feedback, may even want to make a small or large purchase. Business is about balance, and balance is about life. We often forget that we are being watched by people everyday of our life whether or not we are on social media. People love entertainment, advice, especially relationship or personal growth topics. If you talk about good topics, your audience will increase because chances are there is someone within those 3.4 billion people going through, or trying to start something they need help with. Social media gives you that outlet. You will meet millions of people and your most likely to get help from strangers then people you know and call family, and friends. M best advice when using this platform is to keep your business and your personal life separate. I'm new to this as a business platform but have found social media to be a marketing strategy. Kudos to those who this app has helped. Stay focused.

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